Hey, I enjoy programming, cooking, and some other things but mostly the first two are shared here.


The nickname supakeen is a combination of two names: Commander Keen and Supaplex. Both were games I played a bunch when I was tiny.


These are the main parts of this website, there's roughly three that I keep updated. For a full index you might enjoy the sitemap which has all the pages on this website on it.


I maintain a bunch of external accounts as well, these are my most used thought that doesn't mean I'm particularly active on them.

other protocols

This site is available in a variety of other protocols as well. Mostly older ones because I enjoy implementing them.


Most of the content of this website is also available through ftp at


Most of the content of this website is also available through gopher at gopher:// Likely just in time for your browser to not support this protocol anymore.

my projects

Some of my open source projects both in software and hardware. I program mostly in the Python programming language, C, bash, and others.

A few of my projects are organized into larger projects, some of these are.


A small ecosystem for home statistics and automation.

other projects

These are projects I regularly contribute to but were not started by myself.