supakeen's homepage

Hey, I enjoy programming, metalworks (mostly welding), cooking, and some other things but mostly the first two are shared here. My nickname is supakeen but people also know me as Simon de Vlieger. I work at Red Hat on the Image Builder team and related projects. I am a packager for Fedora and contribute to various upstream projects including my own.


The nickname supakeen is a combination of two names: Commander Keen and Supaplex. Both were games I played a bunch when I was tiny.



I maintain a bunch of external accounts as well, these are my most used thought that doesn't mean I'm particularly active on them.

my projects

Some of my open source projects both in software and hardware. I program mostly in the Python programming language, C, bash, and others. These are all hosted on either GitHub or my own Gitea instance. You can find a more complete list at projects.

other projects

These are projects I regularly contribute to but were not started by myself.


I provide an anonymized version of my resume online, if you are interested in the non-anonymized version you can email me at