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Release of bpython 0.19

bpython 0.19 was just released. You can get it from PyPI or check out our GitHub. The changelog was as follows:


General information

  • The bpython-cli and bpython-urwid rendering backends have been deprecated and will show a warning that they'll be removed in a future release when started.
  • Usage in combination with Python 2 has been deprecated. This does not mean that support is dropped instantly but rather that at some point in the future we will stop running our testcases against Python 2.
  • The new pinnwand API is used for the pastebin functionality. We have dropped two configuration options: pastebin_show_url and pastebin_removal_url. If you have your bpython configured to run against an old version of pinnwand please update it.


  • #765: Display correct signature for decorated functions. Thanks to Benedikt Rascher-Friesenhausen.
  • #776: Protect get_args from user code exceptions
  • Improve lock file handling on Windows
  • #791: Use importlib instead of deprecated imp when running under Python 3

Support for Python 3.8 has been added. Support for Python 3.4 has been dropped.