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Release of bpython 0.20

bpython 0.20 was just released. You can get it from PyPI or check out our GitHub. The changelog was as follows:


General information

  • The next release of bpython (0.20) will drop support for Python 2.
  • Support for Python 3.9 has been added. Support for Python 3.5 has been dropped.

New features

  • #802: Provide redo. Thanks to Evan.
  • #835: Add support for importing namespace packages. Thanks to Thomas Babej.


  • #622: Provide encoding attribute for FakeOutput.
  • #806: Prevent symbolic link loops in import completion. Thanks to Etienne Richart.
  • #807: Support packages using importlib.metadata API. Thanks to uriariel.
  • #809: Fix support for Python 3.9's ast module.
  • #817: Fix cursor position with full-width characters. Thanks to Jack Rybarczyk.
  • #853: Fix invalid escape sequences.