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The plans for 2020

Not quite the blog post I'd normally write. This one is mostly for me to have a look at every now and then and see if I'm achieving what I want to do. A very long New Years resolution!

For 2020 I'd like to extend the domain quite a bit. Fashioning it like the olden homepages back when not everything was hosted on social networks and the like. I'll be adding my notes on technical things and a recipes section to this website.

Since I also build the gb project I've decided to make all this content available over Gopher as well. That'll make sure I have to keep working on making gb the best gopher server out there.

Aside from that I'm looking into setting up a small FTP server as well where my content can be downloaded. In case you want to archive this website.

For pinnwand you'll see the biggest changes in the shortest amount of time. A branch containing multi-file pastes is almost ready to go. This will allow users to paste multiple files in one go through the web interface or API if they want. There will probably be room to create a small pinnwand client project if I can think of a good name.

The unchaind project will stay dead as I no longer play the game. I'm thinking of archiving it but I'll have to talk to other contributors first.

That's it for 2020, keeping the plans small means they're hopefully more achievable.

A stretch goal would be to add a book review section, as if!